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Career Skills Programs

To prepare you for your civilian career, we’ve researched, designed and developed  solid Career Skills Programs to help you get skills in several different industries and areas of interest, and to assist you with seeking for, applying for, and landing a career or even starting a business.

If you are looking for training in Entrepreneurship, Apprenticeship/Trades/Construction, Information Technology, Aerospace/Manufacturing, Administration/Customer Service, Government/Public Safety, or Transportation/Logistics/Maritime, check out the programs below.

All programs can be completed in your free time, or have been approved as eligible training programs by JBLM.

If you have any questions about the programs below, reach out to the program contact or contact Camo2Commerce (c2c@pacmtn.org).


Business Start-Up Training

Starting a new business can be exciting, and overwhelming.  There are so many things to consider such as setting up operations, meeting legal requirements, accurately pricing your product or service, creating a marketing strategy, and financial considerations.  Above all, being profitable is a must.

Participants will engage and interact in a live online classroom taught by experienced business professionals.  Textbook reading, video presentations, and assigned homework are all part of the experience.  Course includes, 8 weeks of online classroom instruction, 6 months business counseling, free webinars, access to class recordings, and more.

8 Weeks of Online Webinar—Next Class: Ongoing                        

Training Provider: Thurston Economic Development Council

Program Contact: Diana Sharp—C2C@pacmtn.org
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Industrial Coating Academy

This 4 week training program provides skilled trades training in industrial coating and applications, and is specifically designed for Active-Duty Servicemembers transitioning from the military.  The training is hosted at the IUPAT District Council 5 Training Center, 6770 E. Marginal Way SE, Seattle.

Upon Completion of the training program, graduates will earn a Coating Applicator Specialist Level One Certification and are placed into a paid 4 year IUPAT apprenticeship program.  Participants will be credited one training semester with assisted job placement and a career with the IUPAT.  Once in an IUPAT apprenticeship program, participants will begin to accrue college credits toward an associate degree.

4 days a week/4 weeks—Next Class: TBD

Training Provider: International Union of Painters & Allied Trades – www.iupat.org

Program Contact: Ken Seal – kseal@iupat.org

Construction Academy

The Opportunities for Veterans as Apprentice Laborers (OVAL) is a one week training program providing servicemembers with the basic skills needed to start a career in construction.  With hundreds of jobs currently available, graduates will have an opportunity to work in concrete, road building, pipe laying, asphalt, tunnel building, and many other areas within construction.  Depending on location, competitive wages are starting at $19 per hour and above; and include medical and retirement benefits.

5 days a week/1 week—Next Class: Every Monday

Training Provider: Northwest Laborers-Employers – www.nwlett.org

Program Contact: Pete Lahmann – plahmann@nwlett.org

Veterans In Piping

The Veterans in Piping (VIP) program offers high-quality skills training and jobs in the pipe trades to active duty military personnel preparing to leave the service. UA General President William P. Hite established the program as a means of addressing two important issues: 1. A growing shortage in the construction industry of skilled workers due to the combined effects of an aging workforce, increased demand, and lack of skills training for youth; and 2. An exceedingly high unemployment rate for US veterans, despite their being a disciplined and highly trainable population.

Military and government officials have lauded VIP as a model in workforce development. Participants enroll in accelerated 18-week courses in welding, fire sprinkler fitting and/or HVACR service, both fields experiencing an increased demand for skilled workers. They also earn industry-recognized certifications as a part of their education. Upon graduation, VIPs gain direct entry into UA apprenticeship, leading to lifelong career opportunities. All training is paid for entirely by the UA and its industry partners at NO cost to participants.

4 days a week/18 weeks— October 2016

Training Provider: United Association of Plumbing & Pipe Fitting – www.uavip.org

Program Contact: Kerry L. Bringman— kerry.l.bringman.civ@mail.mil


PowerPathway is a collaboration between the Energy Center of Excellence, Bates Technical College, Camo2Commerce, JBLM, and employers up and down the west coast to enlarge the talent pool of qualified candidates for entry-level opportunities. The program is designed to help both new and experienced workers grow and develop apprenticeship career paths in both gas and electric operations.

4 days a week/10 weeks— January 2017                                                     

Training Provider: Bates Technical College

Program Contact: Rob Comer—C2C@pacmtn.org


This 30 day training, which is hosted on JBLM, is designed for industry, by industry, and managed by veterans.  The classroom instruction is combined with hands on accelerated training, and prepares transitioning servicemembers for a career in wind power, communications tower industry, and many other jobs in oil & natural gas.  If you are interested in learning more, you can visit their website at www.air-streams.com.

4 days a week/7 weeks- monthly                                  

Training Provider: Airstreams Renewables, Inc.

Program Contact: Kerry L. Bringman— kerry.l.bringman.civ@mail.mil

Information Technology

Cloud Support Associate

As a Cloud Support Associate, you are a primary resolver for your support team, and are skilled at troubleshooting one or more operating systems.  You are able to troubleshoot and solve all but the most complex infrastructure issues.

Throughout a comprehensive sixteen-week training, instructor-led classroom instruction and virtual labs will prepare students with the foundational knowledge necessary for installation of a Linux operating system and ability to work at the command line; perform maintenance task; add and maintain users; basic networking and troubleshooting skills; configuration of a DNS; the setup and support of web servers, OS administration, network protocols and standards; apply knowledge of SQL server basics. The overall goal of this course is to train students in the skills they will need to be successful Cloud Support Associates who can diagnose user problems and issues and provide solutions.; and candidates should have a bachelors or technical degree or equivalent of 2+ or more years of equivalent IT networking experience in the military.

Graduates are being recruited by Amazon Web Services, and many others.

4 nights a week/16 weeks—Next Class: 29 August 2016                        

Training Provider: City University of Seattle

Program Contact: Lee Blackstock – Lee@pacmtn.org 

Microsoft Software Systems Academy

The Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) helps America’s heroes secure their futures by preparing for and transitioning to high-skilled technology careers.  Full-time, 18-week programs and 32-week evening programs include academic and technical training, certification testing and practical exercises aligned to meet urgent industry needs for IT professionals.  Successful completion of an MSSA program results in Saint Martin’s University credit toward the computer science degree and a job interview with Microsoft. The MSSA is currently open to military service members with a separation or retirement date no later than one month after the end of each program, and also to recently-transitioned veterans. More information can be found at https://www.stmartin.edu/ExtendedLearning/MSSA2.aspx

4 days a week/18 weeks—Next Class: August 2016                                       

Training Provider: St. Martins University

Program Contact: Cruz Arroyo—carroyo@stmartin.edu
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Airframe/Power Plant Seminar

This 6 week program will be launched by South Seattle College on August 24th.  3 weeks of the training will be hosted on the installation, and the remaining 3 weeks will be hosted at South Seattle College. The program will assist in refreshing skills needed to test for an A/P license.  Once completed, this license will provide servicemembers with the license needed to work for companies such as Boeing, Alaska Airlines, Columbia Helicopters, and many others, in areas such as maintenance, and manufacturing.

5 days a week, Tue-Sat/8 weeks—Next Class: October 2016               

Training Provider: South Seattle College

Program Contact: Earl Joy—ek.joy2@gmail.com
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Administration/Customer Service

Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program

Attention all military leaders who are transitioning from the military at JBLM.  Do you have a four-year degree and 5+ years of leadership, project, or operations management experience? Alternatively, do you have less than a four-year degree and 10+ years of leadership, project, or operations management experience?  The Heroes Corporate Fellowship program will set you up to land a career that is commensurate with your education and experience level.

While you are on Active Duty, you will be placed with one of our partner companies or Public Agencies in a management position for three months.  You will work with them three days a week including training and networking.  You will also spend one full day each week in the classroom gaining valuable corporate skills.  This all culminates in a final project and an interview for possible employment. http://camo2commerce.com/heroes/

4 days a week/12 weeks—Next Class: January 2017                                  

Program Contact: Rob Comer—C2C@pacmtn.org

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) Management Training Program

Participants spend one week working with and learning from an IHG employee in each of the hotel management areas (housekeeping, front desk, breakfast, reservations etc) in addition to taking IHG web-based coursework. At the end of the 20 week program participants are guaranteed an interview for an open management position World-Wide within the IHG chain. Program is free of cost.

4 days a week/20 week—Next Class TBD                                                          

Training Provider: IHG

Program Contact: Kerry L. Bringman— kerry.l.bringman.civ@mail.mil

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Government/Public Safety

Law Enforcement Academy

This program will provide Servicemembers who are serious about an opportunity to take a closer look at the process required to enter into a civilian law enforcement career.  The program will include two full days of in-class training, and follow-on mentorship and real-life  OJT to be scheduled as available. Covers Topics such as: Civil Service Testing, Departmental Screening, Interview Techniques, Mock Written Exam, Mock Interview Panel, & Mock Physical Aptitude Test.

2 Days—September & November, 2016                                                                                         

Training Provider: Northwest Passages LLC and Public Safety Testing

Program Contact: Rob Comer—C2C@pacmtn.org

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If you’re interested in transitioning into a career in transportation, as you are looking for long term job security in a high demand industry, consider obtaining your Commercial Drivers License (CDL).


As well as Workshops on- Federal/State Jobs, Lean & Six Sigma, Resume Writing,

Interviewing, Networking, Interpersonal/Social Skills, and much more.

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