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Connect with a talented workforce

Between 8000 and 9000 military members are expected to exit from active duty every year through 2017. Camo2Commerce offers employers access to the talent pipeline of transitioning service members exiting JBLM. We work to be that conduit and pipeline between employers and service members.

Camo2Commerce is a federally funded program on a mission to assist transitioning service members take the next step towards a civilian career.

We recognize that it can be a challenge for businesses to reach out to transitioning service members regarding employment opportunities. this is where C2C business team comes in. We help make those connections and work to fill a company’s job openings with candidates enrolled in our program. We also base our outreach to business upon who we have currently enrolled, and what types of industries they want to work in.

How C2C works for employers

The Camo2Commerce Business Team  assist businesses in finding applicants enrolled in Camo2Commerce to fill a variety of positions.  Applicants possess strong educational backgrounds as well as transferable skills obtained while on active duty. Qualified program staff work to carefully match our prescreened and highly skilled program participants to your job requirements.

How C2C benefits employers

As an employer, by hiring one of our program participants, you are eligible to receive On-The-Job Training funds that help offset the initial cost of training a new employee.

  • Employers can be reimbursed up to 50% of the participant’s wages during their initial training period (up to 3 months).
  • Employers can claim a federal tax credit for each participant hired.
  • Employers have the opportunity to hire candidates that possess high levels of training which is easily transferred to the civilian job market.

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